A new website and visual style for Skara Sommarland

Parks & Resorts, Skara Sommarland

Goals for the project
The previous website, and brand in general was due for a makeover for it to reflect what the park really had to offer.
I chose a new set of brighter and happier colors, and designed a bunch of new patterns and graphics to make it feel younger and fresher.

A challenge for the park is that people don't know much about what the park has to offer, and are simply unaware of the fact that the tivoli is really quite big and that there are more things to do then just go swimming. With that in mind I designed the navigation and layout to make those parts stand out.

An internal goal for the project was that visiting the site should make you wanna go swimming, which I think it does.

Skara sommarland hemsida
Skara sommarland hemsida


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