Graphic profile & Logotype for Padel Stockholm

Padel Stockholm

About the project
Padel Stockholm is today operating one facility in Stockholm, but is expanding to other areas of the city with multiple facilities. My responsibility in this project has been to design the graphic profile and logo, website, as well as illustrations and other content for social media etc.


The idea behind the profile and logo is for it to resemble classic tennis brands, posters and illustrations from the 70's and 80's. Simple, clean with a simple but vivid color palette.


A set of simple icons with the different brand colors were designed to be used for tshirts and padel balls etc.

Patterns & Illustrations

The role of the illustrations is to get attention by differentiating from other facilities by being playful and fun, instead of "masculine" and "though".

Americano, Padel Stockholm
Padelbana, Padel Stockholm
Seriespel, Padel Stockholm
Padelbana, Padel Stockholm

The website
Padel Stockholms website is an important channel for new visitors who need to get an idea of who they are, where they are located etc. For returning users it's less important since all the bookings are made through an external booking system. For them the role of the site is to make it as easy as possible to get to the right place.

"Oskar did a fantastic job designing the website, logo and brand. The quality of the work has exceeded our expectations!"

Markus Hellqvist, CEO Padel Stockholm