About the project

I started working with MTR Express back in 2012. This was before the company had a name or logo. They didn’t even have trains to put on the tracks. The project has involved a lot of different parts which I’ve at least tried to summarise here.


The website is the thing that during these years has changed the most. In the beginning the difficulty was finding and creating content we could share. And as the company has grown, so has the website. Now it’s a tool used by customers who wants to book a journey, manage tickets, sign up for loyalty programs etc.
And it does that very well: Swedish Digital Awards & Årets bästa svenska webbplats 2016

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An app for iOS & Android. It’s goal is to be a easy and reliable way for customers to be able to book trips, find their travel info and manage their bookings wherever they are.


Icons & Illustrations

I’ve done a lot of different icons and illustrations for MTR Express, these are some of my favourites: