Gröna Lund

Parks & Resorts

My role
UX & Visual design

Design goals
The goals I set up for the site was to make a website that good looking, fun to use but also adapting to the content and the user. The feeling you get when entering the park as a kid is almost overwhelming with impressions, and that's something I wanted to incorporate into this site. Therefore, the different pages for concerts, rides, restaurants etc. have their own custom theme that's unique to their design and the feeling you get in the park.

Conversion goals
Other than making a crazy site with loots of different colors and animations we worked hard at creating a better experience on both the website, and in the park.
By designing a system for price differentiating between different days, we're able to move crowds from busy saturdays, to cheaper, previously less attractive thursdays for example.

Mobil med startsidan av grö
Mobil med sidan för House of Nightmares
Grönt tema
Blått tema
Rosa tema
Oranget tema

Since launching the site we've seen a big increase in conversions and online sales and users are happy with the fresh, new look.

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