Develoop fototidning

About Develoop:

Develoop is a company I started in the beginning of 2017 with my friend Markus Hellkvist.
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The idea:

People take great photos, but forget to really look at, and share them.
So we created an easy to use, subscription service for printing photos and photo magazines on a monthly basis.

My role:

I’m resposible for the product, it’s features and all the design. The development is handled and old colleague and friend, Dan Virsén.

Where we are at:

We launched our beta in September, and are pushing for a 1.0-release in the beginning of 2018.


Interaction / UX

We started Develoop because we thought everybody else made printing photos to much of a hassle. With that in mind I tried to create a user interface that everybody gets, without having to think to much about it. We stripped down the product to the most essential parts so that signup and checkout would be really easy.



The idea behind the logo and the name is a playful take on Develop (an english word for printing photos) + loop (something that goes on and on and on…) A subscription service for printed photos!

Graphic profile

Graphic Profile

When designing the profile and picking the colours we knew we wanted something clean but fun. We landed on strong colours, a playful logo and a simple font with great readability.

About the video

I did a facebook-video about our color choice, and how it aligned with the Pantone of the year 2018.